Wait, what?


I just read a thing that didn’t make any sense, gee thanks Andy.

So I read this. The basic premise is that I Need a Library Job, INALJ is actually hurting job seekers by making jobs easier to find, so that there are too many applicants for the jobs that are available.  As someone who has been lucky enough to be on a few hiring committees lately, I couldn’t possibly disagree with the post more.

I want more applicants. Send me your resumes, please! The more applications we get, the more chance we have of finding a really amazing person. I want to find that really amazing person. I think most managers do. Think you aren’t qualified? Write a fantastic cover letter about why you’d be great at the job. I’ll read it. I might not call you in for an interview, but I will give you the respect of reading your resume.

Other benefits of easy to find job postings:

  • increased diversity in the applicant pool
  • actually getting applicants for the posted job
  • if the particular job listing isn’t the right fit, your resume may get passed on to another manager for a different job
  • a job seeker’s time has value even though they may not be working for pay

There’s no reason for job seeking in librarianship to be more like the Hunger Games than it already is. Applicants aren’t making a run for the cornucopia. Let’s make the jobs easy to find, so we can get applications from people we never would have thought of.

And job seekers? If you aren’t getting replies to your applications, that’s ok. A lot of people are in your boat. It will be you someday. Keep trying, and ask for help. There are lots of places to get that help. Try the ALA New Members Round Table resume review service. Or ask your friendly local Job Information Librarian.

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