I have lots of ideas. I’m sort of an idea machine. Sometimes it seems like the world is made up of either problems that need a solution or things that could just somehow be better. Now that doesn’t mean that all of my ideas are good, or realistic, or remotely possible, but they exist. And sometimes I’m able to make them happen. That’s what this blog is going to be about, taking ideas from your head into real life.


Keep an “idea notebook.” Just to write everything down in. Write down your idea even if it’s:

  • stupid (it’s probably not)
  • expensive
  • won’t work now

Draw things, glue stuff in, add stickers and lists or whatever. Just make sure you write things down. You never know when a grant RFP will drop in your lap, and wouldn’t it be nice to just have an idea ready to go?

You’ve got new ideas. (yes, you do, shut up) You have them all the time, they are that little voice in the back of your head that says, “yeah that could be better.” That’s all it is, seeing an issue that needs fixing, and thinking of a solution. You probably do it every day. But so many people tell me “I’m not creative,” or “I could never do that.” That’s crap. Yes you are, and yes you can. So stop talking smack about yourself, do it so you can try new things without being scared, but if that doesn’t work, do it because it annoys the crap out of me to hear people putting themselves down.

Here’s the thing, libraries are both constantly changing and incredibly averse to change. But we (libraries and librarians) have the resources, space and ability to make our communities better. I’d say we have an obligation to try new things, and solve community problems. So try a new thing! Get your idea and yourself organized so that you can blast past roadblocks and make your job or community better. (Go you!)

This blog series is going to lay out methods for taking your ideas from your head into the real world. You’ll see the pink “Tip Boxes” in each posts with things you can do to make changes, and make your ideas reality.

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