The Call is Coming from Inside the House

Have you ever considered that maybe ALA has problems because of librarians? I mean sure, it’s easy to blame the staff, and council and exec. But when you really come down to it who is that? It’s us. And who are we? I know who we say we are. We are fighters for truth and […]

This Librarian <3's WordCampUS!

I’m really excited to be giving a lightning talk on teaching WordPress in the public library at this year’s WordCampUS! I’ve been using WordPress since my very first library pink slip, (that’s 7 years now) and have gone from teaching myself how it works, to teaching library patrons in Jamaica Queens how to use it […]

My New Desk

I’m settled in at my new desk. John put it up for me and it’s pretty much just the right height. So that’s something. I’ve wanted to have a desk/crafting table in this corner for years. And I’m super happy to have it now, I can look out the window and see my neighbors watching […]


I’ve realized over the last few years that the hardest thing for me to teach someone about a computer, is how to use a mouse. I have probably taught Intro to Computers over 100 times, and I still sometimes feel like I haven’t cracked the secret code of teaching the mouse. The problem is, that […]

I <3 Stationary

I adore stationery. That makes it sound super classy doesn’t it. Like I’m always writing with a fountain pen on thick creamy white paper that has my initials on top. That not really it though. I’m not that classy. What it comes down to is that I really like office supplies. Fancy office supplies make […]