This Librarian <3's WordCampUS!

I'm so freakin excitedI’m really excited to be giving a lightning talk on teaching WordPress in the public library at this year’s WordCampUS!

I’ve been using WordPress since my very first library pink slip, (that’s 7 years now) and have gone from teaching myself how it works, to teaching library patrons in Jamaica Queens how to use it to make their very own websites.  I went to my very first WordCamp last year in Philadelphia, and brought a ton of ideas back with me, and was able to integrate them into the curriculum I use at the library. So this year when the call for speakers went out, I thought it would be really fun to talk about the work we have done to develop WordPress Curriculum at Queens Library.

There are so many thoughts swirling around my head about teaching WordPress, using WordPress to empower communities with low digital literacy levels, and getting librarians out of the library and into tech conferences that I’m going to have to let some of them cook for a while. But for now,  I need to get started on that PowerPoint!



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