I <3 Stationary

I adore stationery. That makes it sound super classy doesn’t it. Like I’m always writing with a fountain pen on thick creamy white paper that has my initials on top. That not really it though. I’m not that classy. What it comes down to is that I really like office supplies. Fancy office supplies make me happy, but really a fresh extra fine point sharpie and manila folder will do in a pinch.

I can be a bit of an office supply snob though. For instance, the first draft of this blog post was actually written with a fountain pen. That’s right, millennial techie girl who never puts down her phone likes to write with a fountain pen. Fountain pens are the best, the ink flows out really nicely, and it feels more like a flow of words than scratching, the way a ballpoint pen feels. Gotta keep it 1920!

Getting a new notebook and pen or binder is like a signal to my brain that we are starting a new project. When I strted trying to write for at least 10 minutes a day, I went and got a nice aluminum fountain pen, and a new notebook. I like to think it helps, but it’s probably just an excuse to get a new notebook.

I’ve found a lot of cool places to get my stationery fix, and if you are still reading, I’m going to just assume that you are interested in knowing what they are.

Muji is fantastic. Their notebooks and pens are really cheap, the notebook I’m using for my blog writing was $1.50. They are a Japanese company, and use the British paper size system, so the notebooks and loose paper don’t fit into American binders, if you are into that. And if you wanted to use their binders you would need a special hole punch. And they have so.many.pens. So many. All the colors.

I love Muji just in general too. They have really nice tiny suitcases, much smaller than normal carryon size. The store always smells nice, because they have this scented oil diffuser thing going all the time. Yum. (Yeah I said yum, what?)

Mochi Things
I love trolling Mochi Things, but I’ve never actually bought anything from them. They are pretty expensive. The planners are adorable though, and they have all sorts of organizational stuff. And cute wallets, and stickers, and kitty cat sticky notes!

The problem with Staples is that it is one block away from my building. It’s not fair. It’’s like “Oh I clearly NEED TO HAVE a pack of a dozen yellow legal pads, and this giant pack of colored sharpies, and OOH LOOK a Post It dispenser shaped like a freaking SHOE!
They have Poppin stuff! Which I never buy because It’s ‘spensive and also I’m picky. I usually get the composition books and cover them in paper or washi tape to make them pretty.


I have a problem, but at least I always have a purple pen! This isn’t just me, right? Where do you get your new notebook/pen fix?

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