Ouchie! and Getting my Shit Together

For the past month, I’ve been having this searing pain down my left arm, right through the inside of my elbow. My arm, wrist, and fingers have also been numb, and my shoulder is killing me. I’m really not a nice person when I’m in pain. It’s been a fun few weeks.

So in my new mode of “I’m 33, if I don’t start taking care of my body now it will fall apart by the time I’m 40,” I went to a chiropractor and got found out that my neck is messed up from staring down at my phone/book/knitting/computer on my lap all the time. It’s supposed to curve, but is just sort of a straight line, which is probably pinching the nerve that runs down my arm. I’m getting adjustments twice a week, with neck cracking and everything. But even as I’m writing this with my laptop on my lap, I’m literally doing the exact same thing that made my neck messed up and my arm hurt in the first place. This is a problem.

Obviously this means I need to rearrange my apartment.

That makes sense right? Yeah? OK!

I’m taking a corner that used to have two bookshelves in it and putting a desk there instead. A desk to work at instead of my lap will make it so I’m not constantly staring down and screwing up my neck any more. I told you it made sense.  Anyway, this means rearranging all the things. And purging. So I got rid of a bunch of books I didn’t need, and so did John, so that we could get rid of a bookshelf. Then we pulled a narrow bookshelf across the living room, which meant I had to move my ukuleles. I actually like where they are better now.

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I still need to be able to store all of the office supplies and yarn that are on the bookcase now, and I’d also like to try to move my sewing machines in too, so they can stop getting covered in grease in the kitchen. Something like this should work, but white.

So now I just need to get to Home Depot for some shelving brackets and wood. I should be able to get the car out of the snow by Thursday? And then I’ll have a desk like a real grown up!

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