The Call is Coming from Inside the House

Have you ever considered that maybe ALA has problems because of librarians? I mean sure, it’s easy to blame the staff, and council and exec. But when you really come down to it who is that? It’s us. And who are we? I know who we say we are. We are fighters for truth and […]

This Librarian <3's WordCampUS!

I’m really excited to be giving a lightning talk on teaching WordPress in the public library at this year’s WordCampUS! I’ve been using WordPress since my very first library pink slip, (that’s 7 years now) and have gone from teaching myself how it works, to teaching library patrons in Jamaica Queens how to use it […]

Packing and My Schedule

It’s a terrible picture, because my good camera is in it, but I think I have my conference packing down to a science. 5 outfits for 5 days, plus the equipment I need to do some video projects for ULU. Not pictured? 2 ukuleles and a tiny bottle of rose champagne left over from New […]

My ULU Coffee Break

In September I and a few other awesome people got started with a a new series of mini webinars for ULU. We called them Coffee Breaks, and set them up as biweekly snippets of learning from other librarians on topics that would be useful to front line reference librarians. I’ve been having a great time […]

My #alaac15 Schedule

Following in the footsteps of the great Michael Goldrick and Aaron Dobbs, I present my ALA Schedule! So if you are looking for me, or to stalk me I guess? Whatever I spent a ton of time typing this thing up. And don’t forget to come for U is for Ukulele, the Uke meet up […]