The Constant Search for the Perfect To-Do List App

I feel like I have spent most of my adult life in search of the perfect productivity solution. I have tried lots of different things. Bullet journal-ling, Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, Google Tasks, Outlook, lists in random notebooks, lists on tiny super lose-able slips of paper. Nothing really works, although some have come closer to working […]

Packing and My Schedule

It’s a terrible picture, because my good camera is in it, but I think I have my conference packing down to a science. 5 outfits for 5 days, plus the equipment I need to do some video projects for ULU. Not pictured? 2 ukuleles and a tiny bottle of rose champagne left over from New […]

My ULU Coffee Break

In September I and a few other awesome people got started with a a new series of mini webinars for ULU. We called them Coffee Breaks, and set them up as biweekly snippets of learning from other librarians on topics that would be useful to front line reference librarians. I’ve been having a great time […]

Murals, Pie, and Ice Cream – Library Curmudgeons Through History

A friend is posting all sorts of gorgeous pictures of the Boston Public Library on Instagram. So for this installment of Library Curmudgeons in History, that’s where we’ll go! Even with ice cream, people are  unhappy about the library. In this case the reception for John Singer Sargent and Edwin Abbey was simply planned by […]

Library Curmudgeons Through History

No one really likes change. And pretty frequently, when faced with change they take to the pen (cell phone, computer, typewriter)  to complain. As I’ve searched through the New York Times newspaper archive, I’ve realized  that people have been complaining about change in libraries just about forever. I’ve been finding so many fun and ridiculous […]

Make a Freakin’ Plan

If you can’t commit to writing down a plan, you aren’t committing to making your idea happen. The plan doesn’t have to be long or complicated but it does have to exist. In writing. Somewhere. It’s actually better of it’s really simple and quick in the beginning. What’s the point of writing out a detailed […]

My #alaac15 Schedule

Following in the footsteps of the great Michael Goldrick and Aaron Dobbs, I present my ALA Schedule! So if you are looking for me, or to stalk me I guess? Whatever I spent a ton of time typing this thing up. And don’t forget to come for U is for Ukulele, the Uke meet up […]