About Lauren

Lauren Comito is a cape wearing, ukulele playing, tech training, job search helping, activist librarian in NYC. As the Job and Business Academy Manager for Queens Library’s Central location, she helps people to fold technology into their daily lives and break down the walls that keep them from being fully employed.

Lauren is incapable of saying no to volunteer opportunities. She has been elected as a Councilor at Large for the American Library Association, and is currently serving as the President Elect of the Leadership and Management section of the New York Library Association. As the Board Chair of Urban Librarians Unite she is a key figure in modern urban library activism and has been instrumental in developing an organization which has received international attention while scoring political victories at home.

She is creative, passionate about connecting library patrons to services, and a true believer in the ability of the library to change people’s lives and communities for the better. If you aren’t a believer, get the hell out of her way.

Opinions are my own and not those of my employer.

About This Site


I started this site originally as a place where I was going to talk about ALL THE ORGANIZATIONAL STUFF, but that isn’t really the only thing I have been doing. Turns out I have more to say than I thought I did. Which is cool! Yay!